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In an effort to become your single source for supplies and services, we offer the following medical gas instruments and tools for sale.

Oxygen Analyzers

When used properly during nitrogen purge, a display of zero percent shows the installer that it is safe to braze the fitting, guaranteeing a clean joint. Not only does this device offer peace of mind, but the mere presence of an oxygen analyzer on the jobsite will notify the owner, inspector and verifier that you are a professional. Several models are available, and the prices range between $250. to $500., depending on model and options chosen. The use of an oxygen analyzer is required in NFPA 99, 2005

Nitrogen Purge Low Cylinder Pressure Alarm

NFPA 99, 2005  requires that the purge gas (nitrogen) pressure be monitored with an alarm device. The LO-N2 gauge alarm has been used extensively for this purpose. It is a reliable, inexpensive, and convenient device that meets this need.

Purge Kits

Complete kits include a high-pressure regulator, flowmeter, 20' of hose and necessary fittings, along with a carrying case.

Piping Labels:

Per NFPA 99, 2005,, piping shall name the gas/vacuum system (using the correct color-codes) and indicate system pressure if non-standard operating pressure is used. Per NFPA 99, 2005,, piping labels shall be located as follows:
  • At intervals no more than 20' spacing
  • At least once per room
  • At both sides of a wall penetration
  • At least once per floor on risers

NFPA Publications

Various publications are available for sale, including 99 (Health Care Facilities), and 55 Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code).

Leak Detector Fluid

Available in four-ounce and one gallon sizes, this oxygen safe liquid dries clean and indicates even the smallest leaks in pressurized systems.

Thread Seal Tape

This high-density tape is specially designed and degreased for use in oxygen systems. It is available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1" widths.

Custom Kit

Any or all of these items can be ordered in a kit to keep all equipment clean and stored together in an easy to carry case. Call (805) 389-5359 for information.