Gas Blocks and Rails

Gas Blocks and Rails

Gas Blocks and Rails offer two major benefits.  The first is a cost effective solution to outlet additions.  The easy-to-install gas blocks can double or triple your existing outlets in a room without shut downs, brazing, or wall repair.

The second benefit is that gas rails take the weight of heavy equipment like suction regulators and collection canisters off the outlets and on to the rail itself.  By taking weight off of existing outlets you minimize wear and tear, increasing the outlet’s lifespan.

How they work:

The gas rails mount to wall studs, providing an excellent support structure for gas blocks, regulators, flowmeters, baskets, or other accessories.  The gas blocks can be mounted anywhere on the rail, held in place with included latches.  Each block is then supplied with gas from an existing outlet, fed through a color-coded flexible hose.  Based on your needs, these blocks can multiply your room outlets or relocate your point of use to a more user-friendly location.

These systems are custom designed for your needs.  Please give us a call to discuss your application.