Quality Assurance Testing

Oxygen system for hospitals, surgery centers, Southern CaliforniaMedical Gas Verification:

We work with with the construction team to provide required medical gas verification on new and altered medical gas pipelines.

Verifications performed per NFPA and ASSE standards. 

Accredited ASSE 6020 Inspector/ ASSE 6030 Verifier (NITC Cert. # 00030016).

Annual Testing:

We work with each facility to perform a thorough test of medical gas outlets, alarms, valves, and source equipment. PDF and hard copy reports are provided detailing recommendations and deficiencies of your medical gas systems and a complete overview of your source equipment.

Other Testing Services Offered:


Leak detection and all medical gas inspection services described in NFPA 99 are available as follows:

  • Pressure Testing
  • Area & Master Alarm Testing and Calibrations
  • Quarterly Operating Room Vacuum Flow Testing
  • Air Sample Testing